Stable Diffusion UI v3

The easiest way to install and use Stable Diffusion on your computer.

Does not require technical knowledge, does not require pre-installed software. 1-click install, powerful features, friendly community.

️‍🔥🎉 New! Support for SDXL, ControlNet, multiple LoRA files, embeddings (and a lot more) have been added!

Features in the new v3 Version:

  • No Dependencies or Technical Knowledge Required: 1-click install for Windows, Mac and Linux. No dependencies, no need for WSL or Docker or Conda or technical setup. Just download and run!
  • ControlNet - Full support for ControlNet, with native integration of the common ControlNet models. Just select a control image, then choose the ControlNet filter/model and run. No additional configuration or download necessary. Supports custom ControlNets as well.
  • SDXL - Full support for SDXL. No configuration necessary, just put the SDXL model in the models/stable-diffusion folder.
  • Multiple LoRAs - Use multiple LoRAs, including SDXL and SD2-compatible LoRAs. Put them in the models/lora folder.
  • Embeddings - Use textual inversion embeddings easily, by putting them in the models/embeddings folder and using their names in the prompt (or by clicking the + Embeddings button to select embeddings visually). Thanks @JeLuf.
  • Seamless Tiling - Generate repeating textures that can be useful for games and other art projects. Works best in 512x512 resolution. Thanks @JeLuf.
  • Inpainting Models - Full support for inpainting models, including custom inpainting models. No configuration (or yaml files) necessary.
  • Faster than v2.5 - Nearly 40% faster than Easy Diffusion v2.5, and can be even faster if you enable xFormers.
  • Even less VRAM usage - Less than 2 GB for 512x512 images on ‘low’ VRAM usage setting (SD 1.5). Can generate large images with SDXL.
  • WebP images - Supports saving images in the lossless webp format.
  • Undo in the UI - Remove tasks or images from the queue easily, and undo the action if you removed anything accidentally. Thanks @JeLuf.
  • Three new samplers, and latent upscaler - Added DEIS, DDPM and DPM++ 2m SDE as additional samplers. Thanks @ogmaresca and @rbertus2000.
  • Significantly faster ‘Upscale’ and ‘Fix Faces’ buttons on the images
  • Major rewrite of the code - We’ve switched to using diffusers under-the-hood, which allows us to release new features faster, and focus on making the UI and installer even easier to use.


Problems? Troubleshooting

Please try the common troubleshooting steps. If that doesn’t fix it, please ask on the discord server, or file an issue.

Bugs reports and code contributions welcome

If there are any problems or suggestions, please feel free to ask on the discord server or file an issue.

Also, please feel free to submit a pull request, if you have any code contributions in mind. Join the discord server for development-related discussions, and for helping other users.

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