Steps and Guidance

Steps means how much time you give the algorithm. Think about the prompt as an exam question, if you give the computer more time it will think about it longer. Steps are not always better though, just like people, the AI can overthink things. For an example I did a horrible image of a zombie and less steps were better for my results because less detail made the eyes look dead and increasing steps made it look more like a human and not as uncanny. Similar things can happen with more detail leading to more wrinkles or additional fingers which you may not want in pictures.

Guidance means how much the computer should follow your prompt. so if you put guidance to 0, it means the computer disregards your prompt and does freely draw what it wants to draw, if you put it very high, it tries to follow your prompt very closely. so if the image quality is low, give it more freedom and if it draws things that are not to your expectation give it less freedom.

Visual difference between samplers and steps

Visual difference for steps and guidance

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